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Popular Types of Vacuum Cleaners


Are you planning to purchase a vacuum cleaner? It might appear a complicated task to make a selection out of so many varieties and types available in the market.

If you want to keep your home clean and free from allergens then it is important to take a careful decision about which vacuum cleaner you need. This decision is similar to the importance of choosing the right carpet pad.

The different shapes, sizes, and functionalities are available with variable price ranges; so the selection of right one can also have a direct impact on your budget as well.

Popular Types of Vacuum Cleaners:

Generally, you will find four major types of vacuum cleaners in the market and they are designed to perform the dedicated task. Go through the details below so that you can make the right decision about your purchase.


The handheld vacuum cleaners can help you to clean the hard to reach areas of your home and they can be operated easily by one hand. In most of the cases, they are preferred for car cleaning but few areas of the home also demand a cleaning touch of handheld vacuum cleaners. You can buy them in corded as well as cordless versions and they are available from different trustworthy brands. Most commonly, you can find them in the price range of $50 to $300; however, few pricey versions are also available in the market.

Common Applications:

  • Car interiors.
  • Dirt on tables.
  • Tight corners and much


They are popular among buyers due to their all-round performance. They ensure more powerful functionality while ensuring complete comfort in your house. Upright vacuum cleaners are often designed with multi-function abilities so users may need some time to learn the procedure to use them perfectly.

However, investing on a good quality upright vacuum cleaner means a perfect solution for a lifetime. They can be used on carpeted surfaces as well as on bare floors.

Common Applications:

  • Cleaning bare floors.
  • Carpeted floors.
  • More useful in open spaces.


If you are searching something useful between the stick model and upright model then a canister vacuum cleaner can be a great choice. They have to the same potential as like upright cleaners but the slender frame is more inspired from stick cleaners. The Canisters are considered as more advanced and multi-functional vacuum cleaner units but at the same time, they use to be expensive enough.

Common Applications:

  • Can clear carpet debris.
  • Protect your ceiling corners, walls, curtains, and furniture etc.
  • They can also clean stairs very well.


If you want a perfect solution to clean the narrow places at your home then stick vacuum cleaners can serve better. They are often used for slander constructions and their slim design makes it easier to reach far ends of the small and overloaded apartments. They have a rotating brush along with a light suction to complete the job by directly throwing debris into the dustbin.

Common Applications:

  • Best for quick touch-ups.
  • Clean table after dinner.
  • Corner cleaning.

How to Choose a Carpet Pad

The importance of the carpet pad to the performance and resiliency of a carpet can’t be overstated. There is nothing more crucial to the health of your carpet than investing in a quality pad, routine vacuuming and scheduling professional carpet cleaning each year for your home.

You can learn more about the importance of carpet cleaning from the professionals at

This means you want to choose the right carpet pad when it comes time to purchase new carpet for your home. The right pad will help carpet withstand the heavy impact from foot traffic and the weight of furniture and other items that rest on it. Here is some information to help you decide which pad is the best one for your carpet:

The lowest form of carpet pad will have a good amount of thickness for comfort and wear but will not include an odor guard or stain or spill guard. This means that a liquid spill could permeate carpet fibers and seep into the carpet pad itself. If this happens you could experience reoccurring stains on that spot of your carpet for the remainder of the time the carpet is in your home. Even worse, the damp pad or the stain could lead to odors emanating from the carpet.

The second best carpet pad features a stain or liquid guard on the top and the bottom of the pad. This layer of protection also adds another layer of thickness for resistance against common wear and tear. The purpose of the stain guard is to prevent moisture from staining the pad itself. This type of carpet pad will lead to a longer-lasting carpet resistant to water damage and reoccurring stains. You also will not experience carpet mold or mildew if you choose this carpet pad.

The best type of carpet pad will feature another layer of thickness along with the stain guard and an odor guard. The odor guard includes enzymes within the carpet pad itself that fight the odors associated with carpet stains. You should also consider a pad that is hypoallergenic since your carpet will store several allergens in the fibers in between professional cleaning appointments.

We recommend a carpet pad with stain guard and odor resistance. This is even more true if you live in a home with children or with pets. You do not want accidents and spills to lead to permanent damage of your carpet or the pad. New carpet is extremely expensive.

There are carpet pads specifically made for homes with pets called “pet proof” pads. This is a great investment if you live with dogs or cats as pet urine is one of the most damaging forms of carpet stains due to the acidic nature of urine.

You can see why it is important to invest in a quality carpet pad for your home. The pad needs to last just as long as the carpet does and it can even help the carpet last longer if you practice the proper care and choose the correct type of pad.